Sale Channels

Ticketsetup supports ticketing in a same time through the different sale channels such as Box Office, Online Ticketing, Facebook Sale, Mobile App, Payment Kiosk and Distribution network.

Box Office

Organise the ticket selling through the Box Office platform and accept payments in cash, by card or by bank transfer.

Online Ticketing

Implement our Online Ticketing platform directly to your or any other website you want and start selling tickets online.

Facebook Sale

Using our special Facebook Sale module you can sell tickets directly from the page of your social network account.

Mobile App

Mobile App module makes possible for your customer to buy tickets also use them (at venue entry) via the phone.

Payment Kiosk

Sell tickets through the Payment Kiosk which is after payment gives to customer receipt (ticket) with the barcode.

Distribution Network

Add users (distributors), share with them your events and start selling tickets over the distribution network.

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